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Bath Net Seat

Three-point structure, stable support.

The triangular support ensures stability,

no need to hold hands,

The Bath Seat Net is a layer of net-like fabric, which is fixed on the baby bathtub by a buckle.

The more common bath nets are T-shaped and cross-shaped. You can upgrade ordinary baby bathtubs for a small amount of money.

The baby is able to maintain a semi-lying position with his head always above the water. Adults don’t have to support their babies.

To configure the inner support for the baby bathtub, you need to pay attention to its size. Before you buy it, you have to know whether the bath bed is suitable for your baby bath, whether it is too big to fit in, or if it is too small, there is a danger of tipping over.



1. Do not let your baby stand on the Bath Seat Net.

2. Please check whether the buckle on the bath net is tight before use. If there is any slack, please tighten it before using it.

3. Please use it under the care of an adult. Please do not leave your baby during use, so as to avoid sudden movements and accidents.

4. After use, please clean the bath net with clean water, and hang it in a dry and ventilated place for the next use.

5. Please do not pour hot water directly on the Bath Seat Net.

6. The bath water temperature should not be too hot, the water temperature should be between 37-42 degrees Celsius.

7. The baby bath mesh for the bathtub is suitable for aged 0-3 years, baby’s weight is within 20kg/44lbs.